Room 1
Fionn’s Project on The Romans
Ben’s Movie review.
Kane’s project on Mexico
Mental maths is from Erin
A  piece of work on the novel Lily at Lissadell by Fionn
Erin’s spellwell
A Story by Lara
Fionn Cleary’s entry for the journal cover competition
Abbie sent on work on Lily at Lissadell, A project on Ancient Rome and an M & M cookie recipe
Digestive System by Aidan
Starlight work - Accidental artist & Digestive system  by Ben
Erin’s Dog Rua gets a new homemade kennel
Daniel O’Connell work by Aidan
Mexico project by Liza
Fionn’s work on the Accidental artist - English and Science on the digestive system
Liza’s circle work
Starlight - Accidental artist by Ciaran
Kane did loads of work