Room 4
Christian working hard at an Irish task
Ronan’s Maths Journal
Darren’s project on the Titanic
Daniel’s drawing of the Titanic
Ronan doing ‘Jumping Jacks’
Aoife’s dialann
Brianna’s work on capacity
The Ice Monster by Aoife
Taylor’s drawing of Centipede and the Cloud People
Daniel on the cross trainer
Work from Starlight by Brianna
Brianna playing badminton
Emma's end-of-week spelling test
Cian's Fuaimeann a agus Focail
Aoife's origami swans
Aoife's work from Starlight
Christian's Starlight
Conor's New Wave
Taylor's Science Work
Sania's Maths
Ronan's origami swans
John Paul's Spell Well
Taylor's party hat