Room 5
Practical maths used in baking by pupils in room 5 and a design and technology project in making a windmill.
Applie Pie made by Ella
Lime Cake made by Eimear
Muffins made by Daniel
Windmill designed by Sean
Book Report by Amy
Amazing Art by Cormac
Book Report by Ysabelle Work by Chloe
Japanese project by Jamie
Project work by Bethan
Sean receives a Diploma
Book Report by Mia Work by Chloe Book Report by Amelie
Sean's Titanic Project
Sean's Character Plan
Kayla's Titanic Project
Jason's Titanic Project
Michael's Titanic Project
Eimear measuring the area of her hand
Chloes work  (3rd Edition)
Amy's Titanic Project
Capacity Work by Jason
Seanís Story: Alien
Sean is enjoying the online Irish activities
Oisin's Weekly Tests
Oisin working hard on his spellings
Reading Log by Mia
Banana Muffins made by Mia
Origami Swan made by Amy
English Work by Ella
Jennifer working hard on her Irish spellings
Sean's drawings
Mental Maths by Kajus
Science Work by Sean
Project Work By Oisin
Rhys’ dreamcatcher
Kayla's Berry Smoothie
Sean's kaleidoscope made from a toilet roll insert and tinfoil