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Gerard's project about ‘The Native Americans’
Gerard's project 'The Romans'
Gerard's Reading Log summary
Kessiah working hard at problem solving in the Mental Maths book
Kessiah's Bun go Barr
Seán's Fuaimeanna agus Focail
Seans Reading Log Summary
Sophies Dictionary Work
Mexico by Sophie
Conor Hegarty's Tables Champion
Conor's Equations Chapter in his Shadow Book
David's Fuaimeanna agus Focail
Kessiah's Tables Champion
Lauren's Spellwell
Robertas' Project about Mexico!
Mexico by Delia!! Click on the map
Ciara's Procedural Writing - How I made a stuffed teddy dog
Daniel O’Connell By Sophie
Seán's Reading Log Summary
Sophie's Explanation Text