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Lauren busy with Bun go Barr
Kessiah's Irish work
Conor's hard work
Ciara did some baking this week
Mexico by Sean Click on the map
Mexico by Conor Click on the map
Sophie's Vocabulary Work
Sophie's Reading Log Summary
Ava's Summary
A Book Report from Robertas
Cian's hard work this week!
Conor N’s work
David working hard
Conor H’s work
Kessiah's work
Daniel O'Connell by Conor H
Daniel O'Connell by Seán
Seán's Reading Log Summary
Sophie's amazing vocabulary work from Starlight
Kessiah's Mug Cake
Kessiah's Hot Air Balloon
Kessiah's artistic wall during lock-down
Kessiah's Spellwell
Kessiah's Grateful Jars
Conor H working hard
Conor H's Tables Champion
Conor H's Starlight
Sophie's Hike