Room 6 The Romans by DELIA Book Report by Daniel The Romans by Sean The Romans by Aoife Sophie's Recipe Kessiah’s Recipe Part 1 Kessiah’s Recipe Part 2 Róisín’s Apple Delights Book Report by Sean Aoife’s Native American Indian Project Cian’s facts about the Native American Indians The Romans by Daniel & Summary Cian’s Fuaimeanna agus Focail Kessiah’s Abairtí Sophie’s Native American Indians Sophie’s comments The Romans by Conor
Ava hard at work enjoying Number Theory this week!
A journal entry for Kessiah
Ava's entry to the design the cover competition
Roisín's entry for the Design the School Journal Cover  competition
Seán's entry to the Design the School Journal Cover competition
Abigail's entry to the Design the School Journal Art competition
Tamara's entry to the journal competition
Cian's Irish work
Delia's Reading Log Summary
Kessiah's Fuaimeanna agus Focail
Delia’s Native American Indian Project Sophie’s Battenburg Cake Sean’s Native American Indian Project Aoife’s Peanut Butter Cookies Sean's Book Summary Week 5
Cian's facts about Mexico
Lauren's Fuaimeanna agus Focail Work
Conor's Bun go Barr
Conor's Starlight answers
Conor's Mental Maths