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James baked a beautiful Kinder Bueno White Chocolate Fudge
And here is the recipe
This is Laura and her sister learning about hydro power whilst having a look at some swamp and river nature. Also included is her fact-file on Iceland
Rhys’ robot Kevin and his lava lamp experiment
Laura’s lava lamp in action
Here Bekele riding his bike down at the park, doing his gardening and also his factfile on Spain!
Delia completing her active week activities, her Greece factfile and her artwork
Daniel’s Viking project and buns that he baked during the week!
Iva wrote about what she likes and dislikes about working from home.
 Ilinka's art work
Rhys with his homemade musical instrument and his garden art.
Kathleen at Leixlip Waterfall.
Rhys making block graphs for his geography work
Delia’s science work and garden art.
Michéal’s planting investigation.