Isha has been very busy baking as you can see.... (with a little help from Amaya)
Natalie's Super Home Alphabet List
.... but it looks like it's all too much for Rua...
Erin and Rua continue to work well on Maths and getting physical exercise
Eoin's brilliant Weaving Well-Being "Good to be Me" and "Mood Boost" Lists 
After her work is done, Natalie likes to get creative baking or working in the garden or just relaxing with Luke....
Adam's excellent project on Avalanches... and other work too!
Hannah's been getting creative ('cat' portrait done in app)
Erin has to do her own maths this week because Rua (can you spot him?) was too tired...
Natalie's recipe for Fresh Cream cake.... and the finished product!
Natalie has been really busy!
Would you believe Natalie has been sewing and made her first skirt ever!!