Room 9
Hannah’s Bake
The Wake Up Whoosh by Melissa
Freya's Chicken Family
 Adam's been busy
Home-School Learning has brought us another pupil! Meet Rua, Erin's helper
Here's some of the work he helped with...
Looks like it's worn him out!
Thank you to Eoin who has been working really well on the Weaving Well-Being Journal
Erin swopped maths for Creative Design  this week when she invented a new home for lucky Rua!
Natalie's first ever cup of tea, with Lily keeping her company
Anyone for pizza... or maybe some buns...?
A small example of Adam’s work
Erin has completed Rua's new house.. Looks like he is very happy with it!
Adam and Eoin have been working on ideas from the Weaving Well-Being Journal as you can see here.